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Today's episode begins with even more chatter about Erinn Hayes, the ***FORMER*** star of Kevin Can Wait who was cruelly killed off by bigwigs at CBS who think America would prefer Leah Remini.

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And why is Justin Bieber cancelling his world tour to hang out with a sexy preacher named Carl? From Full House offspring to someone's god-sister getting the DO NOT DATE HIM warning of a lifetime, welcome to yet another episode of Who's There, in which we take your calls and try not to get stuff wrong. Back from a long holiday weekend, and we missed a Nikki Blonsky Instagram livestream? Catch up with us on that journey, as well for details on Brie Larson's music career, which Haim sister is Bobby's favorite (HINT: it's the Who-iest one), Suki Waterhouse's latest starring(! First, more on Rihanna's new hook-up, Hassan Jameel, and whyyyyy that explains her 'feud' with Naomi Campbell. (And Mariah has no idea what we're talking about.) Ed Westwick got a new girlfriend and her name SOUNDS familiar? ), why Lindsey can't finish a book (HINT: it has to do with her discovering Terrace House on Netflix) and... After beginning the show with the first (and hopefully last) instance of Lindsey discussing the plot of The Boss Baby, we dive into two instances of Whos and Who?

Today: Can you name any members of Imagine Dragons? (Hint: It's a woman.) Can you name anyone in the 1999 film, "The Blair Witch Project"? ) role, the Whos and Thems of nuts and what exactly is Who Say and why do some celebs still use it? Weekly being brought up to ACTUAL Whos Ansel Elgort (he'll be a Them soon enough) and... Moving on, Lindsey explains what's going on with Bachelor In Paradise, Bobby explains why he thinks Ty Burrell pooped his pants in Times Square as opposed to peeing them, and Rita wears stripes. ~Zooey Deschanel..Kate Bosworth..us on this week's Who's There? Plus, art world Whos, The Kaplan Twins, Kaitlyn Isham and Cheryl Maitland, a list of Gay Thems who are Straight Whos (according to Bobby) and the correct way to pronounce "Degrassi" — SHOCKING HINT: Lindsey got it wrong. WHAT is [allegedly] the worst museum of all time (and why are there so many Thems visiting it? (The answers to those questions are: Logo, Portugal, and ABSOLUTELY.) Anyway, after a lengthy Eurovision chat, we move on to more important things, like Sabra hummus and Pentatonix. Apparently, even Chris Pine knows that everyone can't tell the difference between him and the rest of them. Plus, we learn some disturbing information about Paris Hilton's brother and Paris Hilton's sex tape partner, get an apology from across the pond, figure out exactly what activated charcoal is and why people are obsessed with it all of a sudden and ask our dads about what's going on with Morning Joe and his new fiancé-slash-co-host, Mika. Have you ever asked yourself, "Who the f**k is Betty Who?