Who is jazsmin lewis dating

An entertaining and popular sitcom about a black teen living with her family in L.

A., dealing with issues like dating dilemmas and family feuds.

Season 6, Episode 18March 12, 2001Mo and Hakeem must help a troubled student who is contemplating suicide.

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The series spawned `The Parkers,' a 1999 spin-off for Moesha's best friend, Kim.

Russell (Christian Keys) and Bailey (Jazsmin Lewis) Thomas’ marriage fell apart years ago but they agreed to stay together until their son Justin left home for college.

When Justin leaves, so does Russell, but he soon realizes this was a mistake when his ex starts dating Jason, a deceptively handsome and charming new man.

Martin was the wild, always-keep-it-real radio host.

Gina was the professionally poised marketing chick who'd turn into the around the way chick behind closed doors if needed.