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A valid Passport is required for all infants and children at time of airport check-in.

Please contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-243-8372 for further assistance.

Their second album, Need You Now, spawned what is probably their best-known single hit, also called Need You Now, which topped the charts in several countries.

The album went platinum and Lady Antebellum scooped numerous awards including Record of the Year and Song of the Year at the 2011 Grammys.

Later in the afternoon, sermons are given in the Cherokee language.

These sermons admonish everyone to have love for all mankind.

The group quickly gained recognition for their songwriting skills and vocal harmonies which have seen them cross over from a country music audience to the mainstream pop charts on several occasions.

Their third album, Own the Night, was released in late 2011 and was another Grammy-Award winner, scooping the title of Best Country Album.

The Libertines burst on to the UK music scene in 2002 with their debut album Up the Bracket.

He begins with small slivers of wood from the innermost part of an oak tree (often referred to as the "sponge") using flint and rock to trigger a spark. It is customarily built at the bottom of a pit below ground level and is tended continuously so it will burn throughout the stomp dance.

As the sun rises, the men sit around the fire talking about political issues and the women prepare a meal for the day consisting of both traditional and modern food.