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First launched in 2009, Google Voice is a free service that provides users with a real phone number they can use on a variety of devices.With apps for Android, i OS, and the web, Voice is a great solution for anyone who needs a backup phone number or wants one number to ring multiple devices.Fox described the middle column as "carrier services," the standard SMS and RCS tools that mobile operators have always used to send messages.It was meant to crystallize Google's approach, make clear the way it saw the messaging space.

The latest example: After nearly five years of essentially ignoring Voice, its phone-replacement service that once felt like the future but has recently felt like a failure, Google just announced an overhaul of the service.

You can flip between calls and texts, see your auto-transcribed voicemails, and keep up to date across both mobile and the web.

And Google's fixed some of its basic tech issues, so you can now use Voice to send picture messages and start group chats.

The days of Google Talk are quickly coming to an end.

As the company announced today, the messaging service that allowed Gmail users to talk to each other since it launched in 2005, will now be completely retired.