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Except he’s remedying those mistakes now by selling insanely racist texts from Tila to Radar Online which there’ll probably be a shitload more of because you know what it’s hard to do when you’re pregnant? There are people holding signs outside of abortion clinics who wouldn’t give a shit.

Take whatever medication it is that stops Nazism and porn: Tila Tequila allegedly lashed out at her baby daddy for his daughter’s dating life in a racist text message exclusively obtained by Radar Online.com, in which she uses the n-word and tells him he needs to “break the cycle.” During a conversation with Thomas Paxton Whitaker on April 28, the mother-to-be used the derogatory slur in an attempt at parenting advice, but it falls nothing short of prejudice and discrimination.

Tila Tequila's reality dating show on MTV is a fun, fluffy, guilty pleasure type of show.

Tila is a hottie and a flirt, and so are many of the contestants.

Her musical career began since 2006 after signing a recording contract with Will. Am music group and she finally released her first single on 27th of February 2007.

She is also seen in television shows several times and she has also played the role of Monae in the movie, Masterminds.

When the chips were down, the women found each other—then lost each other, in mysterious circumstances amid a torrent of contradictions.

I have met hundreds of bisexual people and know they run the gamut of professions, colors, religions, ethnic backgrounds, relationship status, financial levels, countries of origin, levels of education, disabilities, numbers of children or child free, fashion sensibilities, interests, hobbies and political opinions.

The only thing about bisexuality this show demonstrates so far, is Tila's ability to find both women and men attractive.

In the last month of her life, Casey Johnson grabbed headlines with a messy engagement to reality star Tila Tequila.

How a billionaire socialite wound up in bed with a hardknock stripper, filming soft-core porn on a webcam.

Tila tequila is dating