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We discourage that you use an alias that you come to chat with just to observe and not be known by your most common identity. A lot of people like Chaturbate because you can chat for free and there is a large community supporting it.This really shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone who has spent time in a chat room.Even in a room dedicated to a benign subject such as chess, the conversation can turn sexual when a female enters the room, or when female GM Alexandra Kosteniuk is mentioned.Chaturbate first launched in 2013 with a few models online.

It might be our general personality, location or even part of our real name.

In order to register your account, find a gay cam model that you would like to chat with and click on his thumbnail, this will bring you directly to his sex show.

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The scene inside chat rooms is like a bar, though anonymity helps lower inhibitions in ways that alcohol can only dream of.

Still, just as you can hide your identity when privately addressing someone else, so too can they.