Piss date lines

"I'm happy Donald Trump became the president / Because we gotta destroy before we elevate" -- This wouldn't be the first time Rozay made headlines for speaking on the president. / Drake and Kanye can invite every bitch they ever met / Finger f--kin b-tches in the holy water / Then I go and tell what happened to my only daughter" -- can confirm that Rozay has a big a-- pool (see our Atlanta adventure for MMG Weekend 2016 at Ross' not-so-humble abode) but the part in this verse where he apparently tells his daughter about his pool rendezvous may be too close for comfort.Last November, he dropped the visual for "Free Enterprise" where he spit the controversial lines: "Assassinate Trump like I’m Zimmerman / Now accept these words as they came from Eminem." The lyric also contained a reference to George Zimmerman, who shot and killed Florida teen Trayvon Martin in 2012, and was later acquitted. "Catholic record labels, n---as gettin' raped, boy / Birdman's a priest, moans in his synagogue" -- On this buzzy record, Rick Ross lays out his relationship with Stunna, even going so far as to compare Birdman's label and business dealings to the scandals of the Catholic church, which has been accused of sexual abuse in the past.Belden took a selfie inside its rusty cabin and posted it online with the caption "Wow this freakin taxi stinks." The rest of the militia piled into an assortment of minivans, garbage trucks and bulldozers, and rode south into territory ISIS had held for more than three years.Belden was manning a swivel-mounted machine gun, the parched landscape barely visible through the rising dust, when he spotted a car packed with explosives revving across the desert toward the Kurdish column. air power and fighting alongside a coalition of Arab and Assyrian militias.

Fighters stood around campfires of gas-soaked trash, boiling water for tea, their only comfort besides tobacco.

"I've never been so dirty in my life," Belden recalls.

When the time came to roll out, he loaded a clip into his Kalashnikov and climbed into a makeshift battlewagon, a patchwork of tank and truck parts armored with scrap metal and poured concrete.

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