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In fact, modern day Smartphones, i Pods and similar devices can help to capture amazing videos and compete with most traditional cameras in terms of performance.

Pew Die Pie might make it all look so effortless, but in addition to his unparalleled geek-certified charm, as you can see from the video, it takes some killer gear to keep his operation running smoothly. Love him or hate him, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg aka Pew Die Pie is the indisputable champion of Youtube celebrity.With over 50 million subscribers and million earned in 2015 alone, this Sweden-born personality with rapid-fire acerbic wit is basically a younger (and much nicer) Howard Stern for the Comic Con generation.Not only in his entertaining videos but Pew Die Pie’s desk setup and gear!What started as a devout game-play enthusiast who earned a loyal following by reviewing video games with his own particular brand of lingo, has evolved into a trend-setting figurehead complete with a “bro army” and a slew of Youtube clips that extend well beyond one given arena.