Dating a dentist

The remaining 80% report never having dated a dental patient.

"It's just not worth the headache," advised a California general dentist.

Whether you’re a dentist yourself looking to meet fellow dentists, or if you’re someone who’s interested in dating a dentist, put on your million dollar smile, and meet up after hours at a nice relaxing location in the city or town and just unwind.

Were you looking for an app for single local dentists?

However, a number of happily married dentists report finding their spouses in their waiting rooms.(San Francisco, California) October 15, 2007 – In a recent Wealthy Dentist survey, we asked dentists if they have ever been romantically involved with a patient at their dental practice.

One in five dentists reports having dated a patient.

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A California dental office worker agreed, saying, “I believe that it is not good for the practice.

Unlike others in the medical field, most dentists have their evenings free. Obvious perk: free checkups and immediate access to emergency dental work.

After a long day of talking to people with their mouths stuck wide open, chatting with someone who can move their jaw is a nice change of pace. Dentistry is a noble profession: your date alleviates discomfort and make people’s lives better. For the more “adult-minded,” there are plenty of “drill” jokes to reference. After spending the day in scrubs, your dentist date will “scrub up” well.

If you’re a germaphobe, a dentist is your dream date.

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