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(Healthcare Dive is super into it.) Sucked into a jet engine, survived, then sucked in again? Second of all, this patient is obviously Wolverine, and should be detained for imaging and posterity. First, are roller skates even still a thing anymore? Shouldn't they have more control over their spacecraft than that?

(Technically, this means "subsequent encounter with a physician" not "subsequent encounter with a jet engine," but that's less dramatic.) The "sequela" here implies the kind of human bumper cars that can only happen at a music festival, the subway or possibly an active combat zone. I mean, other than how one knows spring has sprung in Central Park? Or are they just careening around in the ether, pinging into one another and injuring occupants/astronauts? Tweet us your favorite bizarre code at @healthcaredive. You may also want to read about the ongoing development of ICD-11, or visit our GIF guide to the most important animal ICD-10 codes.

Advocacy Without Borders: Connecting thousands of people with disabilities, mental health needs, seniors, families, workers, low income families to disability rights, senior rights, civil rights and unified action(POSTED MAY 19, 2010) MARTY OMOTO COMMENTARY - "PRAYING FOR TIME" SACRAMENTO, CALIF - These are - and have been for the past several years - hard times for our community of people with disabilities, mental health needs, people with traumatic brain and other injuries, people with MS, Alzheimer's and other disorders, seniors, their families, community organizations and workers who provide supports and services.

Year after year after year of facing threats of cuts or outright elimination of programs and services, rollbacks in eligibility, and actual loss of needed services, and loss of jobs or the constant fear of losing all of those things. Many in our communities - including those people with disabilities, mental health needs, seniors in the Asian and Pacific Islander, Latino and other communities of color - do not understand the workings of state government and politics nor have first hand information of what will or will not happen.

A petroglyph has been found at New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon, carved by the early Pueblo people.

And according to Professor J Mc Kim Malville from the University of Colorado Boulder, it may depict a solar eclipse nearly a millennium ago, in the year 1097.

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Jim Squires has ventured into the field at least once a month to visit the Class I’s customers.Court records show one boy was forced to wear a diaper and given a pacifier to muffle his screams.What would you do if someone launched fireworks toward you at your workplace? The firework left a 7-inch hole near the base of the restaurant's wall in Deerfield Beach, Florida.In speaking to hundreds, sometimes thousands of people across the State, I know while they may not know about the "Olmstead Decision" or about the "ADA" [Americans with Disabilities Act] they do know about their own life or the lives of their children and family.They know what is right - and they know what is happening to them is wrong. (Click here to view or download Marty Omoto Commentary "Praying for Time" ) (Click here to view or download previous Commentary "Defying Gravity" - that outlines some budget solutions)(POSTED JUNE 30, 2010) FRESNO COUNTY IHSS WORKER WAGE CUT STOPPED BY FEDERAL JUDGE - ADVOCATES CLAIM VICTORY FOR DISABILITY RIGHTS AND COMPLIANCE WITH 1999 US SUPREME COURT "OLMSTEAD DECISION" SACRAMENTO, CALIF (CDCAN) [Updated 06/30/2010 AM (Pacific Time)] - As reported late yesterday afternoon, federal district court judge Claudia Wilken blocked Fresno County from implementing an hourly wage cut to their In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) workers from .25 to per hour, that was scheduled to go into effect in July, granting a temporary restraining order that was requested by lawyers representing SEIU on behalf of IHSS workers and persons receiving services under the IHSS program.

Consolidating call centers