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If you are using blendshapes (we recommend this for simplicity and flexibility) all you need to do is to create blendshapes for your character using the Mixamo Face Rig naming convention as described in the Face Plus and Mixamo face rig documentation. Click the record button to capture your facial expression, creating an ANIM file for your character.

Then edit the 3D facial animation to get the exact result you want.

The country's cultural ambassadors are a couple of teens.“Ever since Brian blew up, people have been, like, ‘Oh, shit, this is a thing.’ It really paved the lane for English-speaking rappers,” Nayaka tells me before his gig.

“But honestly, at first, I didn’t even realize he was Indonesian.”As he tells me this, Imanuel is being hounded for photos by fans, as he has been for most of the evening.

Imanuel’s friends online introduced him to hip-hop in 2012.

It was hardly deep cuts: 2 Chainz and Macklemore, whose track “Thrift Shop” was the first to which Imanuel tried rapping. “Learning how to rap actually improved my English, because it forced me to talk fast, and I used to suck at that.”In a way, his hip-hop is a lot like his comedy: flavored with irony — because an Indonesian teenager rapping about gang warfare ironic — but ultimately driven by a passion born of talent.

Face Plus (Preview) is the world’s first facial capture and animation technology delivered directly inside a 3D game engine.

Forget about expensive equipment, sticky markers, endless importing and exporting from and to several 3D programs.

You can hook up any character to Face Plus (Preview).Cute Kittens Because cats are social and independent animals, they are desirable pets and American culture generally shows affection towards cute kittens.Kittens spend most of their time playing with their brothers and sisters up until about 5 months of age, at which time they began to develop hunting skills and tend to become or solitary.“I don’t want to be all corny and call myself a f-cking artist, but at the same time I don’t want to say I’m exclusively a comedian,” he says.These days, though, he’s devoting his energies to music.“‘Dat $tick’ was the first song I tried to be serious on,” he says.